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You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~ Dr. Seuss

We simply love photographing weddings. People often ask why we have chosen to become wedding photographers. Over the years we have come to realise that we are passionate, hopeless romantics that love documenting peoples love stories. We are blessed to have found ourselves dedicating most days to love and romance!

We believe deeply in love and in beauty, we believe that marriage is sacred and that it is a privilege to document these real live love stories. We have become close to our newlyweds and often walk away from all the celebrations at the end of the night feeling more like friends than just professional wedding photographers. Having been part of so many special weddings, we have come to realise that in our hearts we truly are passionate about documenting love and life.

Wedding photography allows us to explore and communicate our passion of telling peoples stories through our photographs. We enjoy capturing the emotions, action and fun involved in each wedding. Not only is this the ultimate privilege, it is also a moment when we see people in their most honest place, their whole being has been stripped of the veneers of everyday life and here they are placed before their guests and God – declaring their love and selfless commitment to their soul mate for the rest of their lives. Beauty at it’s ultimate. Nothing makes us happier than documenting these very special love stories through our photographs. Our aim is to record the most special memories.

We would like our newlyweds to have a treasure of images that capture the smallest details of their wedding day. Vivid memories will be forged as looking apon your photographs you will recollect the sound of your guests arriving at the chapel, the feel and the weight of your dress, the smell of your bouquet, the tight pinch of your new shoes, your first kiss as a married couple… For generations to come your story will unfold through these photographs, and always be remembered.Our style of photography is natural and uniquely creative. We have a passion for exploring a photojournalistic approach to our wedding photography; however we do give you advice and guidance as we go along if this makes you feel comfortable.Our most important goal is to ensure that we are in tune with our clients and that you are having fun. It is when you are relaxed and happy that we are able to capture truly beautify photographs.Typically we start telling your wedding story by documenting your venue and décor. From here we join you in capturing photographs of the excitement during all the preparations in the run up to your ceremony. The ceremony with all its emotion, spontaneity and beauty follows, we love documenting all the special moments that make each wedding ceremony unique. From here we ensure that you have all the photographs of friends and family that you desire, before we steal you away for some quiet time together. Your reception is a wonderful time for us to intimately document the joy, happiness and sometimes eccentricity of all the celebrations. Typically our day would unfold like this, however we have accommodated so many unique requests in the past and are always open to doing things a little differently if your wedding has been planned differently.We will let our work speak to you from here…Raquel & Colin Stephenson
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