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Raquel de Castro Maia

Let’s get together

It is really important to connect with your photographer. We really like to establish a relationship with our clients and love to get together. Our work is personal and forming a relationship with our clients is really important to us. After all we will be accompanying you on life’s incredible journey as we capture some of your most significant memories, by understanding who you are we can reach deep into your heart and engrave those special memories and feelings through our photography. We feel photography cannot be successful without empathy and understanding and we take care and time to ensure that we understand and we really do care. We simply love what we do.

Raquel de Castro Maia

Raquel de Castro Maia


“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”
~ Annie Leibovitz


Photography services

We offer a broad spectrum of photography across all subjects

Wedding Photography

We specialise in wedding photography and have enjoyed many years of capturing special couples wedding story. Please contact us to chat about your unique requirements and to check our availability.

Portrait Photography

We simply love portraiture! Our passion has allowed us the enjoyment of photographing many different people in many different locations. We photograph both private and commercial portraits ranging from weddings, couples, families, newborn babies and feminine nudes to commercial editorial work with involves not only portraits but places, environments and even buildings.

Editorial Photography

Over the years we have been commissioned by various magazines to photograph people and places. Our work has been featured in South Magazine, De Kat, Visi, Pinnacle Point Magazine, Mercedes Magazine, Pezula Magazine and My Week.

Architecture, Lodges & Hotels, Product Photography

Our passion for photography has taken far afield, all over South Africa. We have had the privilege of working with some incredible people who have commissioned us to document and capture their Architectural works, Lodges and Hotels. Product photography is one of our specialities and we have enjoyed working various artisans and business owners in documenting and showing off their wares. Some of our memorable projects include Liezie Mulder’s book – Café Food, Di Marshals’ Wonki Ware ceramic range and Gail Behr’s fashion range for Homework Clothing.