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Burning questions about wedding photography

 How do I pick a good photographer when there are hundreds available in my area?

Narrow your search down to a few favourites and set aside a time to meet with them. It is important to meet the actual photographer that will be taking your photographs as you need t like, trust and really get along well with them. Finding the right photographer is like finding a soul mate – when you meet the right person you will just click and you will know. This way you can leave the important part of capturing your wedding entirely in your photographers hands and trust that they will do an incredible job. Remember that you will be spending many hours with them on your wedding day and that they will be capturing intimate personal details of your life. It is important that you adore their work and that you like them as well.

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Why is an engagement photography session important?

We personally feel as photographers that we learn a lot about our time spent with our clients during their engagement photography sessions. Although this is not a pre requisite we highly recommend it. Think of it as a first date. You get to speak to each other find out a few fundamentals about how we all connect. We feel that during your engagement photography session we are able to show you how we work and give you a small taste of what you can expect on your wedding day.

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