• Romantic couple photography

    Engagement Photography

    "In love, on the beach... what more could you want?" ~ Unknown

    Carlé & Morné beach engagement photography
  • We love photographing weddings and capturing memories

    Wedding photography

    "I have found the one whom my soul loves." ~ Song of Soloman 3:4

    Lyndall & Ryan's romantic beach wedding
  • "I belong with you - you belong with me" ~ Unknown

    A unique approach to wedding photography

    Our photography is intimate and personal. We like to photograph natural un-staged images in a photo-journalistic style.

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  • "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing" ~ Unknown

    Family portraiture

    We enjoy our family photography sessions. We photograph both on location or in the studio.

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  • "In the eyes of a child you will see the world as it should be." ~ Unknown

    Baby & Children's Portraiture

    Photographing children is one of our great privileges. Every child teaches us to see anew and observing them through the lens will never fail to amaze us.

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  • "Falling in love. That is the beginning of everything!" Unknown

    Wedding Photography

    We simply love photographing weddings! Through our photography we enjoy capturing each unique wedding love story.

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  • "Such a big miracle in such a little bundle" Unknown

    Newborn Photography

    A newborn baby is simply the greatest gift and photographing this miracle of life is an awe filled experience everytime.

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  • "I love you past my mind and beyond my heart." ~ Unknown

    A unique approach to Wedding photography

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  • "No joy on earth greater than a new born baby." ~ Unknown

    Newborn photography

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  • "Before you were born I carried you under my heart." ~ Unknown

    Maternity Portraits

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Wedding Photography, Garden Route, The Portrait Studio

Professional Photography Studio

We love exploring a large variety of themes and styles through our photographic work. Our portrait photography explores both the character and the unique personalities of the people that we are privileged to photograph. We are passionate about working in a photo documentary style combined with an interest in capturing minute detail and the beautiful light that adorns our subjects. We work both on location and in-studio. Our services include, wedding photography and all forms of portraiture and editorial photo journalism.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We are a dynamic photography duo with over 17 years professional experience. Explore our wedding photography portfolio.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Our newborn photography sessions are captured both on location and in-studio. Explore our newborn Photography Portfolio



We specialise in portraiture and really enjoy capturing people and their unique character. Explore our Portrait Portfolio.

Professional Photography Studio

What do we do?

Who are we and what do we love doing?

We are a professional photography studio based in George, Western Cape, South Africa  – a passionate photographic duo mad about all aspects of photography. We have been photographing professionally for more than 17 years in various photographic disciplines. Our wedding photography displays a distinctive blend of classic photography captured in a unique journalistic style. We focus on documenting the atmosphere, the emotions and the joy and fun of your wedding day. Every wedding is unique and is made by the people that have chosen to come together, and all their family and friends. Working in an unobtrusive manner, we have refined our way of working together seamlessly. Our aim is to capture images that tell your story and frame memories of your day exactly as they were experienced. We focus on the whole picture with its broad horizons as well as the delicate details that may be overlooked if you are not really looking. The results are striking, well composed natural and spontaneous photographs.


”Regardless of whether we are working or not, we carry our cameras everywhere and are passionate about documenting and photographing people and places. There is not a moment that goes by where we are not thinking about photography. We love and we live to take photographs.” ~ Raquel & Colin


We met doing what we love! We both have honours degrees in photography and fine art, we are members of the Nikon Professionals Association, and have been featured in various publications such as South Magazine, De Kat, Visi, Pinnacle Point Magazine, Mercedes Magazine, Pezula Magazine and My Week.

Our photographic products and services include
Engagement portraits, wedding photography, portraits, family, children, couples, seniors, pregnancy, babies, feminine nudes, anniversaries, fashion, studio and location based editorial photography.